Decat Downpipe Nissan 350Z 370z G37 G25

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The Decat Downpipe for Nissan 350Z, 370Z, G37, and G25 is a high-quality aftermarket exhaust component designed to enhance the performance and sound of your vehicle. Specifically designed for models with VQ35HR or VQ37HR engines, this decat downpipe is sure to provide a significant boost in horsepower and torque.

Constructed from durable materials, this catless straight downpipe is built to last and withstand the rigors of the road. Perfect for those who are looking to maximize the performance of their Nissan or Infiniti vehicle, this decat downpipe is a must-have upgrade for any enthusiast.

Compatible with a wide range of Nissan and Infiniti models, including the Nissan 350Z 2007-2008 (VQ35HR Engine only), 370Z 2009-2016, G37/G37x Coupe 2008-2013, G37/G37x Sedan 2009-2013, Q50 Sedan 2014-2016, Q60 Coupe 2014-2015, and FX35/FX37 2009-2013, this decat downpipe is a versatile and practical addition to your vehicle.

Whether you are looking to increase the power and performance of your vehicle, or simply want to enhance the sound and aesthetics of your exhaust system, this Decat Downpipe for Nissan 350Z, 370Z, G37, and G25 is the perfect choice. Upgrade your ride today and experience the difference for yourself.