S/S T3 Flange 48mm Turbo Manifold for Honda Civic B16 B18

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Enhance the performance of your Honda Civic B16 B18 with our premium Stainless Steel T3 Flange 48mm Turbo Manifold. Specially designed for B-Series engines, this top-of-the-line manifold is the perfect upgrade for your turbo setup.

Compatible with a range of turbochargers including T3, T3/T4, T4, T70, and GT35, this manifold allows you to customize your setup to meet your performance goals. The 48mm turbo flange ensures a precise fit for optimal performance, while the flanged wastegate mount (.35/.38 MM) guarantees proper boost control and prevents overboosting.

The innovative bottom mount turbo design of this manifold promotes turbo spool and enhances overall efficiency, resulting in improved power output for your vehicle. Please note that this high-performance manifold is not compatible with A/C and power steering systems as it is engineered for maximum performance in demanding applications.

Upgrade your Honda Civic B16 B18 with our Stainless Steel T3 Flange 48mm Turbo Manifold and unlock the power and efficiency of a turbocharged engine. Experience the thrill of heightened performance and take your driving experience to the next level. Enhance your turbo setup today with this unbeatable upgrade.