ND Aftermarket Steering Wheel Leather

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Introducing the all-new ND Lightweight Aftermarket Steering Wheel Leather, the perfect upgrade for any vehicle. Crafted with precision and designed with car enthusiasts in mind, this 14 inch Black Lightweight Genuine Leather Steering Wheel is sure to enhance your driving experience.

Constructed with durable alloy spokes, this steering wheel is not only lightweight but built to last. The genuine leather wrapping provides a comfortable grip and adds a touch of luxury to your car's interior. The meticulous hand stitches ensure a flawless finish, enhancing both the appearance and durability of the steering wheel.

Featuring a standard 6 bolt fitment with a 70mm PCD, this steering wheel is compatible with most aftermarket boss kits. Universally compatible with most vehicles, this steering wheel is a versatile choice for car owners looking to upgrade their interior.

Each package includes 1 Steering Wheel, 1 Horn Button & Cover, and 1 Horn Wire with Screws, providing a complete and convenient solution for upgrading your car's interior. Revamp your car's interior with an authentic JDM Steering Wheel for an enhanced driving experience like never before. Upgrade to the ND Lightweight Aftermarket Steering Wheel Leather today and feel the difference in every turn.