Glow In The Dark Shift Knob

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Introducing our Glow In The Dark Shift Knob, the ultimate accessory to illuminate your drive and stand out from the crowd! Made with premium acrylic in a radiant green color that glows in the dark, this shift knob is a unique and stylish addition to any vehicle.

Crafted with superior construction using billiard-ball quality standards, this shift knob is built to last and provide a comfortable ergonomic feel. With a weighty 4oz design and a diameter of 2 1/8", it feels solid and perfectly contoured to your grip, making shifting gears a breeze.

Unlike metal knobs, our Glow In The Dark Shift Knob is temperature resilient, providing a consistent touch all year round. It stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter, ensuring a comfortable driving experience no matter the season.

With an everlasting shine, this shift knob will never fade, rub off, or lose its glow. Forget about wobbly knobs that require set screws, as our Glow In The Dark Shift Knob is equipped with all-metal threads for a secure and firm fit.

Not to mention, the glow-in-the-dark design of our shift knob allows it to charge in light and radiate for hours in the dark. So, add a touch of nocturnal flair to your vehicle and experience the unmatched blend of elegance and functionality with our Glow In The Dark Shift Knob. Illuminate your drive and turn heads wherever you go!