EGR Delete for Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0 ST2.2 TDCi

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Upgrade your Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0 ST2.2 TDCi with the ultimate EGR Delete Kit, designed to enhance performance and efficiency like never before. Say goodbye to the hassle of chip tuning boxes and exhaust decat, and say hello to a top-of-the-line aluminum EGR valve removal pipe that is Tig welded, brushed finished, and lathe turned to perfection.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this EGR removal pipe is built to last a lifetime. The 6mm thick flange is solid and features threaded holes for easy installation using existing bolts. The brushed stainless finish and beaded end add a touch of style to your engine bay, while the included stainless EGR extension pipe eliminates the risk of turbo boost loss and limp home mode.

The kit includes everything you need for a quick and easy installation, including a blanking plate for the EGR cooler, gasket, and blaking pipe for the redundant vac line. The provided zinc-plated hex bolts ensure a secure fit, while the full instructions with photos make installation a breeze for anyone with reasonable mechanical skills.

Blocking the EGR system offers a range of benefits, including quicker turbo spool-up, reduced carbon build-up, smoother acceleration, improved fuel economy, and a cleaner engine oil that promotes longer engine life. With a lifetime guarantee, you can trust that this EGR Delete Kit will outperform and outlast the competition.

Compatible with Ford Mondeo 2.0/2.2 TDCi and Jaguar 2.0/2.2 d X type Euro 3 models, this kit is designed specifically for diesel vehicles. If your EGR valve has an electrical plug, digital removal may be necessary for optimal results.

Upgrade your vehicle's performance and efficiency with the EGR Delete Kit for Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0 ST2.2 TDCi. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to enhanced power and fuel efficiency.