FoxFlash Master: Advanced ECU/TCU Clone and Chip Tuning Tool with WinOLS 4.70 & Damos2020 Support

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Introducing the FoxFlash Master: Advanced ECU/TCU Clone and Chip Tuning Tool with WinOLS 4.70 & Damos2020 Support. This powerful tool is designed for professional chiptuners, calibration engineers, and control unit repair shops. With multi-method control unit programming for tuning ability, the FoxFlash Master Version is a must-have tool for any tuning enthusiast.

The FoxFlash Master Version highlights include full protocol open, VR read online work, ECU restoration to original, free online updates with no subscription or annual fee, and a two-year warranty. With excellent online technical support and a helpful desk and tuner account, you can rely on FoxFlash for all your ECU and TCU needs.

This tool supports MEDC17 free clone service, unlike other tools that require patching files after reading. The software can be downloaded from the official website and features the latest firmware and updates for a more stable and reliable performance. The tool supports multiple languages including Italian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, and Turkish.

The FoxFlash Master also comes with the new OTB 1.0 Expansion Adapter for extended application engine and transmission computers. When you buy FoxFlash, you'll receive free gifts including 2 pairs of gloves and a Toyota Lexus BDM/JTAG Solder-Free Adapter.

With multiple operation modes including OBD mode, BENCH mode, Jtag mode, Boot mode, Full system mode, and BDM mode, the FoxFlash Master offers versatile options for reading and writing ECU and TCU data. Whether you're cloning, backing up, or chiptuning, the FoxFlash Master is the ultimate tool for all your tuning needs.

Don't settle for inferior tools, choose the FoxFlash Master for advanced ECU/TCU clone and chip tuning capabilities. Visit our website to learn more about the FoxFlash Master and how it can enhance your tuning experience.