Exhaust Manifold & Test Pipe for Nissan 03-06 350Z V35

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Enhance the performance of your Nissan 03-06 350Z V35 with our top-of-the-line Exhaust Manifold & Test Pipe. Specifically engineered for the VQ35DE engine in the 3.5L Nissan 350Z, this exhaust system is tailor-made for drivers seeking to boost horsepower and torque.

Constructed from premium stainless steel, our exhaust manifold and test pipe are built to withstand the test of time. The TIG welded design guarantees a robust and long-lasting connection, while the CNC machined flange ensures a precise fit for optimal performance.

The exhaust manifold boasts a 1.75" inlet and a 2.25" outlet, while the test pipe includes a 2.25" inlet and outlet. Additionally, this system comes equipped with 2x O2 sensor bung insertions, making it a breeze to install oxygen sensors.

Whether you own a Track Coupe, Touring Coupe, Performance Coupe, Enthusiast Coupe, Base Coupe, Touring Convertible, Enthusiast Convertible, Grand Touring Convertible, 35th Anniversary Edition Coupe, or Grand Touring Coupe, our Exhaust Manifold & Test Pipe is the ultimate upgrade for your Nissan 350Z V35.

Upgrade your exhaust system today and enjoy increased performance and a more aggressive exhaust note with our Exhaust Manifold & Test Pipe for Nissan 03-06 350Z V35. Elevate your driving experience with this high-performance upgrade!