EGR Delete Kit for vw SKODA Octavia AUDI 2.0 TDI BVF BVG BLB

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Upgrade your VW, SKODA Octavia, or AUDI 2.0 TDI BVF BVG BLB engine with our EGR Delete Kit. Made from high-quality aluminum, this kit serves as a reliable substitute for the EGR valve, allowing for faster turbo buffering at lower speeds. Say goodbye to the hassle of clogged intake manifolds due to carbon deposits from a faulty EGR.

The TIG-welded flange ensures a strong and secure connection to the intake manifold, while the polished tube with a 54mm diameter adds a sleek finish to your engine bay. The kit includes a gasket seal and a blanking plate with a gasket for easy installation.

Compatible with a range of AUDI and VW models, including AUDI A4, A4 Avant, A6, and A6 Avant with engine capacities of 1968 and various horsepower and kilowatt outputs. It is also suitable for VW Polo 9N_ 2001-2009, SKODA Octavia 1Z5 2004-2015, Roomster 5J 2006-2015, and Roomster Praktik 5J 2007-2015 models with diesel engines.

Opt for our EGR Delete Kit and experience improved performance and efficiency in your vehicle. Upgrade your engine with this professionally crafted kit today.