EGR Delete Kit For VW Golf Mk5 2.0tdi Skoda

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Upgrade your VW Golf Mk5 2.0tdi or Skoda 2.0Tdi with our EGR Delete Kit. Designed to replace the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve assembly, this kit eliminates all the problems associated with faulty or leaking EGR systems. Made with high-quality alloy for anti-corrosive properties, the EGR Delete Kit boasts a polished finish for a sleek look.

With a total product length of 68mm and a core tube diameter of 57mm, this kit includes a boost gauge connection adaptor at 8mm o/d. The Power Pipe in this kit has no internal restrictions, unlike the original EGR valve assembly, leading to improved performance, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, and smoke emission. Say goodbye to tar and sediment build-up inside the inlet manifold, as this kit reduces airflow and heat accumulation.

Included in the scope of supply is 1 egr pipe and 1 fitting kit. Please note that all items need to be installed by a professional, as no instructions are included. We recommend professional installation, but for those who prefer to DIY, this kit is a great option.

Upgrade your vehicle's fuel consumption and performance while reducing exhaust smoke with our EGR Delete Kit. Enjoy improved thermal efficiency and airflow with this high-quality kit designed specifically for VW Golf Mk5 2.0tdi and Skoda 2.0Tdi models. Get the most out of your vehicle with this easy-to-install EGR Delete Kit.