KT200 ECU Programmer: Supports Maintenance, Chip Tuning, DTC Removal, OBD, BOOT BDM JTAG

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The KT200 ECU Programmer is a revolutionary tool that supports maintenance, chip tuning, DTC removal, OBD, BOOT, BDM, and JTAG functionalities. The KT200 Full Version Offline Work Station comes with a black U disk containing software and installation instructions. Please note that online installation is required before the device can be used offline.

If you currently have the KT200 Basic Version, you can easily upgrade to the Full Version by contacting us and paying a small fee of $250. This will allow you to utilize the Offline Work Station as well. The default shipping method is post service, which typically takes around 12 working days for delivery.

The KT200 Offline Work Station Manual provides detailed instructions on how to set up the device for use. Simply plug in the black disk, install the KT200 Software, ensure your C drive has enough capacity, and run the installation of KT200_ftp. Once the installation is complete, insert the white dongle and run the KT200.exe program to activate the software.

Please be aware that even with the USB dongle, your KT200 will need to connect to the online server once every 15 days. This requirement is designed to ensure optimal performance and functionality. The black U disk contains all necessary software and instructions for offline use.

The ECUHELP KT200 Offline Work Station is a game-changer for those who prefer to work without an internet connection. Simply plug in the USB dongle, and the KT200 will read and write ECU/TCU data via OBD, Bench, Boot, BDM, or JTAG with the same precision as the online version. This makes it perfect for outdoor tuning or locations with weak internet signals.

To install the KT200 Offline Work Station, follow the same steps as for the Online version. Install the software, ensure ample disk space, and activate the program using the white dongle. Once activated, you can seamlessly tune your vehicle's ECU with ease and convenience.

The KT200 ECU Programmer with Offline Work Station is the ultimate solution for auto enthusiasts and professionals looking to take their tuning capabilities to the next level. Upgrade your KT200 to the Full Version today and experience the power of offline tuning like never before.